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BIO honors innovators with 2024 Leadership in Agri-Biotechnology Awards

BIO Agri-Biotechnology Awards

In recognition of significant advancements in biotechnology’s impact on our food supply, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) recently recognized industry leaders who helped drive two pivotal achievements: the approval of the first genetically engineered animal for food and the development of the inaugural vaccine to protect honeybees.

BIO’s prestigious Leadership in Agri-Biotechnology Awards honor leaders pioneering groundbreaking work in agricultural, environmental, and industrial biotechnology.

Sylvia Wulf, President and CEO of AquaBounty Technologies, is the recipient of the 2024 Rosalind Franklin Award. Dr. Annette Kleiser, CEO of Dalan Animal Health, is the recipient of the 2024 George Washington Carver Award, sponsored by the Iowa Biotechnology Association (IowaBio).

BIO announced the winners on June 5 at the 2024 BIO International Convention in San Diego.

Watch to learn more about Annette Kleiser and Sylvia Wulf

More productive, sustainable salmon

Wulf is the Board Chair and CEO of AquaBounty Technologies, Inc., leading the commercialization and growth of AquaBounty’s salmon. The world’s first genetically engineered animal approved for food, AquaBounty salmon grows faster and more sustainably than other salmon.

“I became part of the biotechnology industry in 2019, when I joined AquaBounty,” Wulf said in accepting the award.

“It took us 25 years to get our product into market,” she added, recognizing the perseverance of this biotech company and its leaders. “I truly believe that the promise of biotechnology is the promise of the future in terms of food security and environmental responsibility.”

Protecting honeybee hives

Dalan Animal Health was founded in 2018 with the mission to “bring the first-ever honeybee vaccine to beekeepers,” said Kleiser in her acceptance speech.

Dalan’s vaccine is fed to the queen bee and protects the hive against American foulbrood (AFB), one of the most destructive honeybee diseases.

“Our vaccine received market authorization in the U.S. at the end of 2022, and subsequently in Canada in 2023,” Kleiser said.

Showing ‘what’s possible’

“The recipients of this year’s Leadership in Agri-Biotechnology Awards both represent what’s possible through biotech innovation and how our industry is leading the way when it comes to agricultural and environmental solutions,” said BIO President & CEO John F. Crowley.

“Through their commitment to strengthening our ecosystems through innovative scientific discovery, Annette and Sylvia have delivered evidence-based, market-ready products that will pave the way for future innovations and technologies to improve food security, strengthen the bioeconomy, and promote environmental sustainability around the world,” he added.

About BIO’s Leadership in Agri-Biotechnology Awards

The George Washington Carver Award recognizes significant contributions by individuals in the fields of agriculture and environmental biotechnology. The award is sponsored by the Iowa Biotechnology Association. This award serves as a memorial to the original vision of George Washington Carver who, over a century ago, pioneered the creation and commercialization of sustainable biobased products and materials and energy derived from renewable agricultural feedstock.

The Rosalind Franklin Award recognizes a pioneering woman in the agriculture and/or environmental biotechnology sectors who has made significant contributions to advancing the bioeconomy and biotech innovation. It is named for Rosalind Franklin, who was instrumental in the discovery and greater understanding of the molecular structure of DNA through her use of X-ray diffraction images.

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