World Food Prize recognizes links between climate change and food systems

Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig was awarded the World Food Prize in 2022 for her research on how climate change affects our food systems.

Dr. Cuynthia Rosenzweig World Food Prize The World Food Prize  is awarded annually to an individual whose work advances “human development with a demonstrable increase in the quantity, quality, availability of, or access to food through creative interventions at any point within the full scope of the food system,” according to the World Food Prize Foundation.

Dr. Rosenzweig is being recognized for her four decades of work connecting climate and food systems. She is the founder of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) and a farmer herself. She is presently the leader of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center’s Climate Impacts Group.

“Through designing and leading rigorous, collaborative observational and modeling research, she provided the evidence used by thousands of decision-makers in more than 90 countries to both mitigate and adapt to climate change in local, national and global food systems,” says the World Food Prize Foundation.

Read more about Dr. Rosenzweig and her work here.

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