Film festival kicks off BIO International Convention

BIO Film Festival promo

Up-close-and-personal stories of patients with a range of disorders will be broadcast throughout this week at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) International Convention in Boston.

The BIO Film Festival will also feature discoveries in groundbreaking treatments.

From Monday, June 5, through Thursday, June 8, four series of inspiring short films will be screened in Room 105, Level 1, of the Boston Convention Center.

One of the series, called Disorder Films, centers around a range of conditions such as Menkes disease, Okur-Chung syndrome, Epidermolysis bullosa, and SYNGAP1, to name a few.

Another series, Nature’s Building Blocks: Diversity and Equity, examines why participation in clinical trials matters, women who want more choice concerning the menopause, and what tools are available to support of parents to be.

Nature’s Building Blocks: Patient Stories features the experiences of patients and how they cope with living with hemophilia, diabetes, and some rare diseases, amongst others.

The fourth series is called Nature’s Building Blocks: Spotlighting Discoveries. These films look at how artificial intelligence can help cancer doctors, therapies made from synthetic DNA, and how antibodies can be mapped.

A full schedule of the screenings and more information on how you can access them can be found via the BIO International Convention.

BIO Film Festival promo


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