BioMarin, Twist Bioscience win CLS Pantheon Awards

Two Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) members – BioMarin and Twist Bioscience – were recognized at the 2023 Pantheon Awards on Wednesday for innovative achievements in biotech.

Celebrating leading innovators at the 20th annual ceremony, California Life Sciences (CLS) honored BioMarin and Twist Bioscience with the Biopharma Award and Leadership Award, respectively.

BioMarin focuses on developing treatments for patients with rare genetic diseases and inherited conditions. Using molecular medicine, the company says it addresses the root cause of the genetic disease: DNA.

“BioMarin is investigating the use of adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy to deliver short strands of DNA to cells, which the body can use as templates for creating the proteins it needs, using its own, native machinery. This therapeutic platform leverages decades of research and scientific advancements and has the potential to treat multiple conditions,” the company explains.

For Twist Bioscience, the answer lies in DNA, too. According to Twist’s CEO Emily Leproust, DNA’s efficiency lies in the way that it holds all data for one person in a single molecule.

Using this information, Twist is able to do research that can later be used in designing breakthrough drugs, and enable other discoveries for cancer and infectious diseases.

CLS CEO Mike Guerra praised award winners, noting that they “are shining examples of dedication to scientific advancement and innovation, and they inspire us to keep pushing boundaries in pursuit of new solutions for patients around the world.”

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