Biotech is the key to reaching 100% renewable energy

Renewable energy met almost 100% of the energy demand in California on Arpil 30, USA Today reported.

“At 2:50 (p.m.), we reached 99.87% of load served by all renewables, which broke the previous record,” Anna Gonzales of the California Independent System Operator, which oversees California’s bulk electric power system and transmission lines, told the paper.

This is solid proof that by supporting and incentivizing biotech innovation, we can achieve remarkable energy savings, according to Good Day BIO.

Solar energy provided two-thirds of the energy, but Good Day BIO noted that other kinds of renewables are also needed if the goal is to reach 100% in California and nationwide.

Sustainable aviation fuel tax incentives

Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) recently told President Joe Biden and the EPA, that biofuels are also needed in battling both greenhouse gas emissions and surging gas prices. Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, should play a big role, BIO explains.

“Advancing biofuel innovation is crucial to agriculture being part of the solution to the climate crisis and fostering energy security. EPA must update regulatory requirements for greenhouse gas emissions analysis to reflect the newest science and technology,” BIO wrote to the EPA.

A new roadmap for the U.S. energy policy by Business Roundtable says that a “SAF tax credit should be part of a number of clean energy incentives.”

BIO argues that “SAF is a critical driver of decarbonization, reducing lifecycle emissions of the industry by as much as 80%—but policies like tax credits to incentivize its production and use are highly needed.”

President Joe Biden has also called for net-zero aviation by 2050.

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