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We partnered with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) in 2019 to develop comprehensive news content about the industry and a quick-read daily newsletter with the day’s top biotech news. Now, three years later, we officially launch Bio.News, a daily news website exploring the wonders of biotechnology and the intersection of biotech innovation and U.S. and international policy.

Why we launched Bio.News

We launched Good Day BIO in January 2020—having no idea what exactly was ahead of the biotech industry, or the world.

Within weeks, we were delivering news and insights on a fast-spreading new virus, capturing the unprecedented nature of a pandemic in a hyper-connected world and the unprecedented response of the biotech industry. We heard incredible stories about the scientists and visionaries working around the clock to deliver solutions—and we were awed by the pace of and communication about the science evolving in real time in labs around the world.

To be clear, there’s no “silver lining” to a pandemic that’s killed millions and upended lives for the better part of two years. But COVID-19 did accelerate technologies like mRNA vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, next-generation diagnostics, even synthetic biology and biobased PPE and sanitizers for front-line workers.

The world’s eyes were opened to the wonders of biotechnology—and to the fact that there are no guarantees in a lab when you’re following the science.

But the biotech industry faces, at best, unfairly negative coverage—have you read about drug pricing lately?—and, at worst, misinformation and disinformation about science, which fueled vaccine hesitancy and led to many unnecessary deaths. And we found there could be more coverage about all of the wondrous things the industry is doing to cure disease, solve climate change, and feed and fuel the world in more sustainable ways.

Bio.News features easy-to-read and easy-to-share biotech news stories by independent journalists, editors, and content creators, as well as smart analysis by BIO experts.

Now, not all news about the industry is good news—and occasionally, some of our readers may not like what we report. But we promise we’ll always do our best to check any bias about the industry, in either direction, and also approach our coverage through a lens that’s appreciative of the industry’s work and cheering on the people working in it.

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How you can read the top biotech news

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  3. Stay up to date on your mobile device. Bio.News is optimized for mobile devices so you can catch up whether you’re on a work-from-home walk or back to business travel.

We’re excited to embark on this journey and we welcome your feedback—thanks for reading!

Samantha Sault, Bio.News Editorial Director
Tom Popper, Bio.News Managing Editor
Connor McKoy, BIO Editor

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