Iowa Senate adopts bill to increase availability of E15 biofuel

Iowa lawmakers passed a bill last week that will require all gas stations in the state to carry E15 biofuel by 2026. Gov. Kim Reynolds, who is a supporter of the legislation and biofuels in general, is expected to sign.

The bill, House File 2128, was passed by Iowa Senate last week on a 42-3 vote, according to Des Moines Register. It would oblige gas stations and fuel sellers to start offering E15 no later than 2026, greatly expanding the availability of the biofuel in the state.

“This is a historic win for Iowa families, for our agriculture and biofuels industry, and for Iowa’s entire economy. By increasing access to more affordable, homegrown biofuels made right here in Iowa, we are lowering the price at the pump and getting America back on track toward energy independence,” said Gov. Reynolds.

Reducing dependence on fossil fuels

E15 is a blend of gasoline with 10.5-15% ethanol, according to the EPA. It is regarded as an essential resource for America as it seeks to break free from its dependence on fossil fuel from Russia—and fossil fuels in general.

Just last month, President Joe Biden announced that EPA will allow E15 sales over the summer, calling it “the latest step in expanding Americans’ access to affordable fuel supply and bringing relief to Americans suffering from Putin’s Price Hike at the pump.”

Biden used the announcement to promote sustainable aviation fuel tax credits, too—something BIO strongly supports to address energy independence and climate change.

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